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Mad Monster Was A HUGE Success!

Mad Monster 2017 is in the books and was a roaring success! Thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hi and pick up some merch, we really appreciate you! I did have a slight run in with Butch Patrick but I'm ok. That guy can throw a punch! Check out more pictures and videos from  the show on our Facebook group here:  Facebook Group

Thanks again and stay tuned for where we will turn up next!


A word from our fearless leader...

Welcome to The House Of Freaks. Hopefully you came here because you heard great things about us from your friends. (Or you saw the news report of the unfortunate incident with the Lady Bella and the Wal Mart greeter on the six o'clock news. She just can't stop junk punching people.) In either case, we're glad you're here. Feel free to nosey around, check out the podcast or buy some stuff from the store to support our collectibles habit. Drop us a line on the contact page and tell us how much you love us or hate us. (Careful though, Bella just made bail and she's in a foul mood.) Whatever you do, have a gory time and happy hauntings!

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