Studio entrance

Welcome to the Missile Silo

Jasperino and The Lady Belladonna dwell in the post apocalyptic wastelands known as The Outlands of Arizona. They have taken up residence in an abandoned missile silo where they bake in the ungodly heat of the desert, fending off giant, radiated predators, atomic zombies and the agents of the current government of robotic lizards that wish to enslave them. They pass the time having adventures and broadcasting their message of weirdness to any other survivors that might be willing to listen.


The Offenders

If seen, approach with extreme caution. These suspects are wanted in 5 counties. Please contact your Robotic Lizard Overlords immediately!


Larger Than Life and Twice as Ugly

Wanted for disorderly conduct, political incorrectness, civil disobedience and gross abuse of outlawed free speech.

The lady BellaDonna

Mistress of all things Dark and Macabre.

Wanted for assault, battery, civil disobedience, social misconduct and 5 counts of junk punching a government official.

Victor Moreno

Shaman and Cult leader.

Wanted for broadcasting without a license, conducting religious ceremonies without a permit and actively stealing food out of the mouths of his enemie's children.

Super Producer Adam

Missing In Action

Last seen heroically defending the Missile Silo from the forces of the Robotic Lizard Overlords. There have been rumored sightings of a man fitting his description in south Chandler. The search continues...